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High Clearance Hitch for Flag Pole

This is the new-new SharkTail Hitch Enhanced!

Now design with a deeper stamp, a sleeker look, while enhancing strength. This SharkTail stamp gives it a deeper richer look that allows for a multi-color powder coat. The added tail fin further visualizes the appearance of a shark's tail raised from the depths! This unique design further enhances the overall structure even stronger.

Designed with a 2"x 2" square tubing steel, 17" long, high tensile strength. Minimize damaged hitch receivers when off-roading with this patented 45-degree incline allowing better clearance. The SharkTail Hitch Enhanced is not for towing!

What's that on the end? That's the SharkBite bottle opener!

Show Your Pride With Your Ride 

Mount your patriot flags, team flags, company logos, or pennants on the pole mast.

SharkTail Hitch is the new-new! No need to buy more specialty hitches.

Available in Black, Raw Metal, and Custom Colors (+$25).

SharkTail Hitch adapters and additional accessories can be found on the manufacturer's website,